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How do I get people to upload?
Updated over a week ago

Your Uploader Link makes it easy for you to share your project and get contributions. But who should you involve? And how? Finding the right people to tell your story and creating an informative video brief will improve the content you receive.

Ask the 'right' people

It always helps to ask the questions when thinking about who to bring in: Who is passionate about this topic? Who is most knowledgeable?

You won't always know this, which is fine, and it doesn't mean you need to make your project exclusive - there may be interesting perspectives out there that you haven't considered. But people who really care should be more willing to take part, and their passion will come through in their uploads.

Speak to them where they are engaged

Think about where your people are most engaged. It could be your own networks. It could be others', in which case, can you collaborate to get your project in front of the right eyes? Encourage people to tag and share with anyone who they think will be interested.

Maybe another medium like email or WhatsApp is the best way to reach who you're after. It's worth taking a multi-channel approach to see what works.

Get influential people to help

Whether it's leaders or managers within your organisation or other motivated individuals, it can help to have others bring attention to your project. Getting them involved can encourage participation in current or future projects, and if they don't want to get involved themselves they can use their influence to engage others.

Give them enough information

Make sure you give them enough information in your brief so they know what's happening and feel comfortable taking part. This includes the purpose of the video and what will happen to their uploads.

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